Welcome to the Round Rock Fire Fighters Association, IAFF Local 3082 webpage.

Local 3082 partners with the support from the citizens of Round Rock and its Firefighters help to ensure that proper Fire, EMS, and Emergency services exist in our community. We are a progressive, dedicated, and efficient IAFF local with a rich history in Round Rock and an ambitious future.

This Association protects the rights of its members through effective relationships and a proactive approach towards politics and future growth of the Round Rock Fire Dept.

This Association holds a firm philosophy that embraces the traditions of the past as a foundation and demands progressive change in the future.

The job of a public servant is one that never ends; the dedication to our citizens, our loyalty to each other, and the pride of being in the fire service can never be taken away from us. This profession is unique and we will be proud to have been a part of the fire service for the rest of our lives.

Local 3082 Executive Board is honored to represent the 110+ firefighters that have chosen to serve the citizens of Round Rock and its surrounding Williamson County area. We are dedicated to building Local 3082 into a body that is influential and effective both in the local community and the city government and we will push to maintain the standards to keep our brothers, my sisters, and the citizens we serve safe.

Local 3082 Executive Board
Email: local3082@gmail.com